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Our goal is facilitating access to drugs throughout all their phases (authorized and not yet authorized drugs), by helping pharma companies extend their product distribution in markets where they are not present yet.
eXinvest Pharmaceuticals’ mission is placing its experience and intuitions at the service of pharma companies and field operators, to meet new patients’ needs through innovative offers and new distribution paths. We are constantly looking for new and promising pharmaceutical and biotech companies to work with, to develop new licences and market new drugs, thanks to our exclusive distribution network leads. We are active in many Countries, including Switzerland, Italy, UAE, Bosnia, Argentina, Libya, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Germany and UK.

Authorized Drugs

Concerning authorized drugs, eXinvest Pharmaceuticals signs agreement with pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to provide access and distribution services of new drugs on new and promising markets, by managing their commercial launch.

In case of drugs of treatments not yet authorized, we can support companies throughout this delicate transition, in order to strengthen the value and prospects for success of a drug even further, through Regulation, Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Market Access, Price and Refund Definition activities.

Drugs Without License

eXinvest Pharmaceuticals can provide pharmaceutical products in territories where they are not yet available, by offering paid access to new treatments or products with shortage of supplies.

Launch of Innovative Product
It could take months or years to approve new drugs, and patients are not always able to wait. And eXor Pharmaceuticals can help introduce – in certain market – products that can meet the patients’ unsatisfied needs. We can do this through national Named Patient regulatory paths and consolidated strategies.
Consolidated Products with Insufficient Supplies

The majority of hospitals in the EU and rest of the world reports severe drugs shortages, and this truly impacts patients’ health and care. In those cases, offering an alternative treatment with drugs without licence available in other Countries is really important. eXinvest Pharmaceuticals can offer this kind of consultancy and support, thanks to its connections with global manufacturers and suppliers, thus ensuring continuous and safe supply of valid alternative treatments.

Market Exit

Sometimes, under certain circumstances, a drug may no longer be available on the market. In this case, eXinvest Pharmaceuticals can intervene by promptly suggesting alternative distribution solutions, so that patients are not obliged to give up their treatment, and can continue to have access to the required drug.

Managed Access Programs

In those Countries and markets where a drug has yet to be launched and distributed, eXinvest Pharmaceuticals can help companies provide their products through managed access programs and Named Patient Supply services. Operators looking for an ethical access to treatments that are not available in a certain market, can resort to our distribution network and our global references.

Veterinary Medicines Trading

Prior to the 1990s, the environmental impact of veterinary medicines wasn't a major discussion point. In the early part of that decade, the European Union (EU) proposed a new approach. They aimed to differentiate between medications with negligible environmental presence, posing minimal risk, and those potentially reaching concerning concentrations and causing ecological harm. For the latter category, a step-by-step environmental risk assessment (ERA) was deemed necessary. This proposal came to fruition, and the EU mandated ERAs for all new veterinary drugs starting from January 1st, 2004.


Animal medications are used to enhance or sustain the well-being of all animal species, including those not raised for food. These medications are developed and produced to address a wide range of preventative and treatment needs. They are administered to companion animals, uncommon species, and wildlife, in addition to livestock. Most countries have a government agency responsible for evaluating veterinary medications and granting approval for sale. This text uses the regulatory system in the UK as an example. Similar to human medications, veterinary medicines are assessed based on three main criteria: effectiveness, quality, and safety. However, the specific details of these criteria can vary by country.

Effectiveness refers to the medication's ability to achieve the intended purpose as stated by the manufacturer. Quality refers to the pharmaceutical quality, ensuring contaminant levels meet acceptable standards, the shelf life is accurate, and the product is manufactured according to appropriate regulations. Safety ensures the medication does not harm the treated animal, the environment, those handling the medication, or consumers of food derived from the animal. This last aspect is crucially important when evaluating the safety of veterinary medicines used in food-producing animals.

When a veterinary medication is administered to an animal, most of it is eliminated through urine, feces, and exhaled air. However, small amounts remain in the animal's tissues, known as residues. Regulatory authorities are responsible for ensuring these residues do not pose a threat to consumers when veterinary medicines are used in food production.

API and Medicinal Chemicals Trading

We provide essential ingredients (APIs), inactive components (excipients), and materials for use in pharmaceutical, medical, and veterinary applications. Our core strength lies in the sourcing and supply expertise of our dedicated team. This expertise covers the entire process: identifying high-value ingredients and product categories, evaluating manufacturers, assessing products for suitability, and ensuring regulatory adherence. We also offer specialized storage, packaging, and delivery solutions tailored to your specific logistical and pricing requirements.

List of our product range

  • APIs
  • Medical device - OEM
  • Medical device - topical
  • Nutraceutical actives
  • Nutraceutical excipients
  • Oral pharmaceutical excipients
  • Salt
  • Topical pharma excipients
  • Veterinary medicine and animal health
  • Wound care

Pharmaceutical logistic and storage

At World Courier, whether we are supporting clinical trials, delivering life-saving treatments for patients or securing complex manufacturing processes, we transport your most precious shipments with flawless execution. We ensure seamless pharmaceutical logistics by having largest owned network in specialty logistics, customs knowledge and robust contingency plans and innovative packaging solutions for all temperature ranges.

Thanks to our precision-driven processes, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive solutions, you can trust us with your life-saving pharmaceuticals.


Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies
eXinvest Pharmaceuticals can help pharmaceutical and biotech companies launch new drugs in new markets, by supervising the entire product and distribution life cycle, thanks to their experience and scouting skills.
Healthcare Providers
We can support healthcare providers, doctors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies all over the world, which often must face the absence of authorized treatments. Through our interventions, and our ability to understand and manage local regulations, we can meet drug supply expectations, even for unlicensed drugs. It is a constant challenge to try and overcome the lack of drugs and treatments, by intervening with utmost efficiency and urgency.
Patient Representatives Groups
Through Patient Representatives Groups, it is possible to gain access to unlicensed drugs, which, in most cases, are the only option for a patient, when there is no other treatment available in their Country of origin. eXinvest Pharmaceuticals is available to work with these groups, to provide prompt and accurate information on the possibility to have access to unlicensed drugs.


Individual Patients: eXinvest Pharmaceuticals cannot deal directly and personally with private patients. In this case, we suggest you contact a healthcare support provider (Doctor, Pharmacist, Hospital) to discuss with them any access options to the required treatment or any possible alternatives.


eXinvest SA operates under worldwide trading and brokerage license Swiss Medic 513016-102728010.

eXinvest of Emirates LLC FZ operates under the following licenses issued by the Government of Dubai, under number 2418918.01:

  • 2418918.01 4772.89
    Medicinal Chemicals Trading
  • 2418918.01 4772.99
    Veterinary Medicines Trading
  • 2418918.01 4649.08
    Wholesale of Pharmaceutical and Medical Goods
  • 2418918.01 4772.95
    Persons with Special Needs Equipment

Our facilities and our staff fully comply with EU, Swiss and UAE guidelines.

We can promptly meet the field needs and requirements, by suggesting new or existing treatments, in an ethic and reliable way, and in compliance with the regulations in force in the different Countries.

We offer innovative and consolidated supply, transport, delivery and storage solutions for any kind of treatment. The product is preserved during the entire distribution chain.

Patients are Our Core

First and foremost, eXinvest Pharmaceuticals aims at helping patients and their families meet new medical needs, to ensure their health and well-being.

Respect for Life

We value the life of every human being. Both patients’, to whom we want to offer the most cutting-edge therapies, and our employees’, to whom we ensure workplace safety and career opportunities.

Customizes Solutions

Through our work, we want to strive for excellence and generate added value for all our customers, by looking for customized solutions that meet the different needs of our partners.
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In eXinvest board, you will find business persons, Swiss and foreign accountants, and partners of subsidiaries or associate companies, as members and attorneys.